South African woman claims she got it from KFC, and South Africa Reacts.

Fast food has become a part of all our lives. It’s something you get when you have had a hard day’s and are too tired too cook or when you just want a treat. However when one South African Woman shared what she got from KFC, South Africans we’re shocked, here’s all the details as well as what they had to say.

The video :

In a recent video posted to social media, which you can watch by clicking on the link below, one South African Woman showed of her meal, that she claims was from KFC.

In the video we see her showing off a type of unspecified meant covered in a thick layer of liquid. She captioned the image with a rather confusing caption above and “What I crave” on the bottom. Here’s a screenshot from the video.

This liquid covered meat left many South Africans confused, with some of them shocked. Heres the video in the link, followed by what people had to say.

The reality of the situation :

While we shouldn’t judge food because, food is food and some people don’t have the luxury of what we have, I still believe that this situation was handled the wrong way.

While people were confused, this was clearly as a misunderstanding as some people cleared out the the confusion by confusion by confirming that this was a KFC item. However here’s my opinion on this.

The reason South Africans were confused was because the person recording did not specify what this was, leading people to think that it was just an unappetizing mess. We need to normalize adding context to videos, to help people understand.

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