See What’s Written On This Foreigner’s SA Identity Document. Indeed they Are Doing Alot

Illegal foreigners are now aware that they are no longer wanted in Mzanzi, so they’ve come up with strategies to get the residential permit or working permit. A few weeks ago, there was a voice recording of foreigners planning how they were going to get the residential permit of South Africans. One of them could be heard saying they should start impregnating South African girls so that they could marry them and get South African identity cards.

Other than that, there are people who specialize in making fake identity documents and selling them to illegal foreigners. There have been so many stories of home affairs officials who have been involved in illegal acts of selling identity documents to foreigners. This has been an ongoing problem. During the police raids in townships, you will find all foreigners presenting their legal documents. When they go to the home affairs office, their documents cannot be found because they are fake.

Following all this, people were left in shock after a South African identity document of a foreigner was posted on social media. According to the photo presented on the identity document, the guy is of Pakistan nationality, but his names on the documents are “Sibongiseni Julius Mthembu”, which are Zulu names. See the photo of the identity document below:

It is evident that this document is not legal because there’s no way Pakistan can have Zulu names. Many people were so enraged after seeing this document. Some even call for home affairs to start raiding foreigners’ Owen’s shops and asking for legal documents because they are turning our country into a joke. See some of the comments from the tweeter below:

If we don’t take action soon, South Africa will be a free-entry country because the government will not be able to control the inflow of illegal foreigners. If you go to Pretoria, almost 60 percent of the residents are Nigerian. Things will soon get out of control and we will be chased out of our own country.