A 52-year-old woman sparked outrage on Twitter after uploading a photo of herself dressed as a 25-year-old girl.

Instead of celebrating with Thandi Fipaza people started to question her dressing code, more especially in public. Fipaza is still showing young and beautiful even at the age of 52 years, her body is still fresh and she is still energetic.

Fipaza spent most of his time at the gym exercising, to keep fit and strong. Today as her birthday she decided to share her body with people encouraging youth to take care of their bodies and evade their bellies.

However, people didn’t see it that way, they started to attack Thandi Fipaza for showing off her body in public. People say is inappropriate and not acceptable for an old person like her to show off her body to the public, more especially on Twitter where everyone is looking. Unless if she is looking for Ben 10.


Further afield there is also another lady Pamela Jacobs, from Leeds in the UK, is often told she’s lying when she reveals her age – but puts her youthful looks down to healthy eating and using coconut oil for just about everything.

She is often mistaken for a woman in her late 20s, but she has a 21-year-old son, Marley.

“Men do comment on my looks and say things like ‘I don’t believe you’ or ‘You must be lying’,” she told the Daily Mail.

“I always say, what woman would actually add years on?”

She also said her family have a reputation for looking younger than they are, but attributes her youthful looks to a weekly sauna and steam, healthy diet, regular exercise and coconut oil.

“I’m a big coconut oil lover,” she said.

“My mother used it on our hair and skin when we were younger and I’ve carried on.

“I use Biona Organic Coconut Oil for cooking, in coffee, for removing make-up, for hair treatments and on my body twice a day as a moisturiser.”

She also exfoliates her face every second day and never leaves the house without sunscreen on.